Selected Pet Health Supplements for Cats & Dogs from Outside Merchants

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NATURAL MEDICINE. This listing is a pet owner's guide to natural medicine, herbal remedies, and other health supplements for cat and dog owners taking a holistic approach to healthy living. We have curated the list based on our independent assessment of supplement pricing, deal value, organic ingredients, manufacturing practices, and quality.

There are many more natural treatments available, but we selected the ones with the broadest appeal for most pet owners.

THIRD-PARTIES. These products are offered for sale and sold by third-party merchants in outside online marketplaces, such as Amazon. Simply follow the links on the right side of the table to view additional details and make a purchase.

Item Treats or Supports
Description Price Link
CSJ Billy No Mates Fleas, ticks, and mites Repel pests from your pet's coat. Simply add the supplement to food. $17
EcoBug Insect Repellant Spray Fleas, ticks, and mites Cedarwood oil and clove keep the insects away. $13
Four Seasons Anti-Parasitic De-worming Kill digestive gut parasites including pinworms, tapeworms, and others. $14
Newman's Own Dog Food General Health This is one of the best deals for dog food with high organic ingredient content. $1.76/lb


What natural remedies have you tried for your dog or cat?