Jurassic Blueberries' Cannabis-Inspired Expressionist Watercolor Paintings

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JURASSIC BLUEBERRIES is a contemporary artist based in the majestic forest of Eugene, Oregon in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. He has been legally growing off-grid cannabis since the turn of the 21st century and uses a mix of indica and sativa leaves to make his signature leaf prints on his paintings. Learn more in his bio.

  • Dimension options are 8" x 12", 11 x14", and 12 x 20" H x W inches. All paintings are printed in the landscape orientation and include wall hooks for easy hanging.
  • Backing options are 3/4" gallery-wrapped canvas or matte aluminum. Fine-grade metallic backing brings out the powerful spectrum of colors unlike any other surface.
  • These prints are custom made-to-order according to your specifications, so processing and shipping time may take 4-16 business days. Tracking information will be provided within 4 business days.
  • Final prints are free and clear of the title text in the corner.

SPRUCE UP your walls and let the colors your bring your dwelling to life. These paintings are good for yourself or the special someone in your life. The colors complement bare wood walls, brown and tan painted walls, and similar-colored surfaces in selective homes from the rural countryside to the urban city-scapes.

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WILLAMETTE NATIONAL FOREST, a source of inspiration for JB's work, is home to some of the Oregon's most impressive natural scenery, including serene creeks, hot springs, and waterfalls removed from the urban hustle of the West Coast. The vast Douglas firs, which can reach over 300 feet tall, provide protection for a diverse range of plant and animal species in the old-growth forest ecosystem, where bald eagles, cougar, elk, and wolverines have over 1.6 million acres to roam free in the wilderness.

The ORGANIC ACT OF 1897 helped established the boundaries for the forest and preserve its integrity for what we have available to us today. Jurassic Blueberries' inspired folk art captures the sense of independence, creativity, and adventure that comes out of an untamed forest like Willamette.