About Us

Chocolate truffle confection mold tray
Hemp cannabis edibles and food science innovation are our bread and butter at Northspur. We take pride in providing clean, healthy treats to people who want to take charge of their health and well-being with natural methods.

Nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements have never tasted so good. Along with a healthy diet of low-pesticide foods and clean spring water, our hemp products can help make dangerous pharmaceutical prescription drugs a thing of the past.

Our company is built on a few key principles:
  • Democracy and common people's voices are an integral part of a sustainable world economic, financial, and governmental system.
  • Excessive wealth consolidation leads to rips in the fabric of civilized society.
  • Corporate democracy--worker representation within the workplace--is absolutely necessary in large companies for the maintenance of a functional national republic or democracy.
  • Most technologies are tools that can be used for bad or good.
  • True direct democracy has never been more viable than it is now with distributed, decentralized, and verifiable digital networks that can support widespread voting and ballot mechanisms.
With Aztec Gold hemp chocolates for sale, we have just begun. Stay tuned for more foods, treats, merchandise, and accessories to buy online from our web store with 100% national compliance in the USA. Have questions or uplifting messages to send us? Contact us.