Peacheria Pieces | Hemp Orchard Peach Candy with Organic Ingredients

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CBD: 5 mg per candy.
THC: approx. 0 mg per candy.

Candy doesn’t grow on trees, but these peach buds taste like they did. Go beyond typical hard candy with old-fashioned kettle-stirred nectar candies that bring the orchard to you.

  • Rich, fruity, natural organic peach essence
  • Hemp oil within contains nutrient-rich fatty acids
  • Peacheria hard candy provides cannabidiol (CBD), an important cannabinoid
  • Better and safer than expensive prescription pharmaceutical medicine
Some people use focused-spectrum hemp to deal with inflammation, autoimmune issues, cancer, or anxiety. When it comes to tumor-suppression effects, some people have found success pairing hemp with turmeric (curcumin), medicinal mushrooms, elderberries, and other immune-boosting herbs. Others like the herbal supplement simply because it helps hard-working professionals relax and unwind.

Open up a world of healthy possibilities with Peacheria Pieces orchard peach candies. They're always ripe!

Clean, hexane-free, and ready to eat. Proudly developed in the USA. Order bulk wholesale hemp CBD peach candy: select a case option from the multi-pack menu by the 'Add to Cart' button.
1. Does this product contain THC?
This product contains less than 0.3% THC by dry weight in accordance with the U.S. Hemp Program.
2. Does the hemp oil darken the candy?
Yes, the product appears slightly darker than the candy pieces in the photos but the taste remains 100% delicious.

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