9 Unconventional Thoughts on Thanksgiving Health & Wellness

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9 Unconventional Thoughts on Thanksgiving Health & Wellness

1) A healthy human diet includes plenty of clean meat. The digestive system is designed for it, and it was only recently in evolutionary history that humans starting growing food. Large meat packagers boast about their "natural" meat that doesn't contain artificial hormones, but many of those animals are still fed low-quality feed. Garbage in = garbage out

2) Intestinal parasites are a bigger problem than the med establishment would have you believe, and herbal tinctures get rid of these infections fairly quickly. Many people have weakened immune systems due to the modern diet, environmental factors (such as pesticides, pollutants), and vaccine contaminants.

3) Food has way more harmful pesticides in it than it did a century ago. Organic food is part of the solution, but deceptive practices undermine the strength of the USDA organic certification. Independent organic certifications are less compromised by corporate influence. 

4) Tap water isn't that clean, even in our "first-world" country. Spring water from the right sources is much more pure and contains fewer residues of agricultural runoff.

5) Salt isn't that bad in moderation. The ultra-fine limestone particles in table salt are. Himalayan salt and sea salt in general are popular because they're natural, unprocessed, have balanced minerals, and don't have the additives that tear up blood vessels, raise blood pressure, and raise cholesterol/LDL levels.

6) The corporate medical establishment downplays and censors the health benefits of natural herbal remedies because synthetic chemical drugs are patentable and much more lucrative. Hemp cannabinoids, like CBD, are one example, but there are many more holistic treatments.

7) Fresh raw milk and colostrum have 'milk fat globules' containing valuable immune-boosting nutrients, such as GcMAF, a protein that combats high nagalase levels found in many Americans. The active proteins within milk are denatured and deactivated by traditional pasteurization processes, so raw milk dairy producers skip that step.

8) Cancer treatments in other countries, such as Japan and Germany, are more advanced than the medical technologies approved for use in the USA. With vitamin C injections, GcMAF injections, blood oxygenation, and other clever strategies, these foreigners overcome many types of cancer as if they're little more than a common cold.

9) Corporate media sources won't tell you this because they're owned by the same elite shareholders who own the drug companies and other mega-corporations that prey on your dependence. With enough committed people, the pursuit of scientific knowledge can break their political and financial monopoly on information awareness.

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