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Sales Ambassador Partner Program

Northspur is looking for qualified sales ambassadors, farmers, store owners, and representatives to spread the good word about organic hemp nutritional products and more.

Who's Eligible?

In addition to traditional shop owners and vendors, we value partnerships with farmers, artisans, and craftsmen who sell at farmers' markets or other open-air retail booths and would like to supplement their existing product selection with Northspur's products, especially when it includes organic foods free of synthetic pesticides.

Honest enthusiasts from any background with an interest in hemp cannabis can join us in the campaign to broaden access to affordable health & wellness products. If you want to work toward bringing hemp edibles, pet supplies, and natural merchandise to the common American, then you could be a good match for Northspur.

Where Can I Sell?

Northspur is based in the Triangle area of North Carolina which includes Raleigh, Durham, Cary, and Chapel Hill. Businesses, salesmen, and entrepreneurs in North Carolina and nearby states have a local edge with shorter shipping times, but that doesn't limit our partnerships to NC.

If you're in a state or territory of the United States that lawfully accepts hemp, then you're eligible.

What are the Financial Terms?

1) For farmers' market vendors and retailers:
You are invited to purchase our products at discounted bulk wholesale prices listed on the "multi-pack" menu of each item and sell them at the price that works best for you. There is no minimum order quantity (MOQ).

2) For general sales ambassadors:
We provide a cut of our sales (the Ambassador's Cut) to you in the form of a discount for your referred customers and a commission. You may divide the Ambassador's Cut in any way you wish between the two. The cut is calculated without tax and with shipping costs deducted.

When it comes to determining your personal split, you may choose for the buyers you refer to our shop to get a 2% discount and to keep an 8% commission. The customer must enter the unique coupon code we provide to you, and that will register the transaction as your sale. Tell us the discount rate you would like to set for the coupon, which must be an integer value (whole number), and we'll send you a customized coupon code to share with your community prospects.

Sales Volume

Ambassador's Cut

Under $2,000 per month 7%
$2,000 to $8,000 per month 8.5%
Over $8,000 per month 10%

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