Hemp Hearts Offer 251 Healthy Calories per Dollar

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Hemp Hearts Offer 251 Healthy Calories per Dollar

Hulled hemp seeds (hemp hearts) are just one of many foods that offer healthy nutrition without breaking the budget. Wellness experts might even call it an affordable superfood.

Hemp is an old pastime in American farming that's making a strong comeback as planted acreage grows. We'll likely see prices come down much further for the nutritious and medicinal components.

Caloric Density Value of Common Foods
shown with Glycemic Load (Carbohydrate Density)
Graph of Caloric Density Values of Common Foods

The graph compares the nutritional energy density of various foods from high to low in terms of Calories per dollar along with the glycemic load of each food per 1000 Calories. General recommendations are to keep your glycemic load below 100 per day to keep your blood sugar from spiking.

Hemp is nowhere near earning the title of the cheapest food in terms of Calories per dollar, but it's a crop that's just getting started again after a hiatus of several decades, and its hulled seeds have almost no carbohydrates, only healthy fats (including omega-3 and omega-6 PUFAs) and proteins.

It's generally recommended to find a good ratio of macro-nutrients compatible with our hunter-gatherer ancestry: a good amount of healthy PUFA lipids, some saturated fats, complex carbohydrates in moderation (especially for the ketogenic dieters), and plenty of digestible proteins.

All foods shown are organic or wild ocean-caught. Prices are based on retail and bulk offers from Amazon, Whole Foods, and other merchants.

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