Artist Bio Spotlight: Jurassic Blueberries

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Artist Bio Spotlight: Jurassic Blueberries

"Cannabis Inspired Abstract Expressionism"

I am the artist Jurassic Blueberries. I live deep within The Willamette National Forest in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, I am a legal medical cannabis grower since 2001.

A lot of my work as a grower is waiting for the flowers to reach maturity which allows me the time to explore 'Cannabis Creativity' with my art.

I have sought to find that 'happy place' of solitude, psychedelic music, cannabis, coffee, internet and creating inspiring art.

From the first time that I started experimenting with Cannabis Leaf impressions I realized that after posting the images online that the image of a cannabis leaf is recognized globally as (cannabis speaks all languages). I would dye paper with concentrated blueberry juice and apply the leaf impression to the artwork and moments after finishing I would post the images on social media.

At the time I noticed that I was getting likes and comments coming from all over the world with fans speaking in many languages (in many countries cannabis is still a very controversial subject).

So I expanded into watercolor paintings with only the simplest materials and after finishing an artwork I would hashtag and tag it with the names of 'art loving cities' around the world at a time when most of the world wasn't really sure what a hashtag was, so on sites such as Twitter and Twitpic my pictures were instantly becoming the number one most viewed image on hashtags such as 'Tokyo', Paris , Barcelona, Rome, and other major cities (it's really hard to get positioning like that today with images now that everyone is hashtagging everything).

I expanded into other sites like Pinterest , Tumblr and Flickr and my tens of thousands of views turned into millions and millions of views and comments from places like 'The Kingdom of Bhutan', South Africa, South America and even 'North Korea', it seems everyone on Earth has something to add to the conversation when it comes to cannabis.

Eventually, I started to explore the creative commons pool of 'free images' on flickr and started to change the copyrights of several of my artworks so that they could be used by others for articles and websites discussing cannabis issues, and all of a sudden I started finding, Companies, PHD's, Ivy League Universities, Countries, TED Talks, websites, politicians talking about every known subject and using my art to get attention to their stories.

So I decided to dig in and start producing hundreds of paintings all of which somehow featured my bizarre and colorful paintings and essentially 'signing them' with a spray painted arraignment of a cannabis fan leaf or multiple cannabis leaves from different strains that I had been growing.

The Italians, the Germans, the Japanese, the Spanish, and every US state were going wild as I would title each artwork with provocative names seeking to start conversations with my new audience.

So basically in the end, I took my own stoned creativity, an inexpensive watercolor pad, some water color paint, a few cans of spray paint and a pile of spent cannabis fan leaves and turned them with the help of the internet into a cannabis cultural phenomenon around the globe.

That is my ironic story from deep within the forest, in the middle of nowhere Oregon.
- Jurassic Blueberries

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